About us

In 2004 we certified the management quality system according to ISO 9001:2000

The MARIAN SIMEON  company was established on 1.3.1993  by Mr. Marian Simeon. Gradually he managed to extend the company and today he employees 40 people. At the present time the company works for many companies, but is open to one-time orders of other companies. The company based its name on the drivers professionalism. They are not only good drivers, first of all they are human beings , who are responsible and reliable and that is how they put up with their job. The management of the company is aware of the fact, that there is no progress without good vehicles. They use 24 trucks with carry capacity from 600 kg to 24 000 kg. The company provides everything related to goods transport, custom service and the whole warranty in customs debt. It provides advisory service too and it also offers its warehouses which can be used as an intermediate warehouses for client´s use.